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Oct 8, 2012 11:00am EDT
purpose of a strong military is to prevent war. the size of our navy is at >> the size of our navy is at levels not seen since 1916. i'll restore our navy to the size needed fulfill our missions by building 15 ships per year, including three submarines. i'll implement effective missile defenses to protect against threats, and on this will will be no flexibility with vladimir putin, and i'll keep the greatest alliance in military history strong by honoring their commitment to each devote 2% of their gdp to security spending. today only three of the 28 nato nation says meet this bench mash. i'll make further reforms for our foreign assistance to create snent is for good governorance, for free enterprise and greater trade to the middle east and beyond. i'll organize all assistance efforts in the greater middle east under one official with responsibility and accountability to prioritize efforts and on to produce results. i'll rally our friends and allies to match our generosity with theirs, and i'll make it clear to the recipients of our aid in return for material support, they must meet
Oct 6, 2012 11:00am PDT
morning, the navy commissioned the uss michael murphy. you can see the ceremony here. the navy's new guided missile destroyer. the ship was named for a navy s.e.a.l. killed in afghanistan back in 2005. lieutenant murphy was shot when he ran out into enemy fire, trying to get a clear signal to call for back-up for his four-man team. murphy grew up on long island and was also awarded the medal of honor. >> the verdict is in for a man in the pope's inner circle, but a guilty verdict may be tempered with mercy with the release of confidential documents. >>> and military wives go topless in support of their husba husbands. find out how the pictures are launching a sizable movement. >>> and later, he was a bond, james bond. in just one movie. he reveals why he turned down the chance to do more james bond films. >> my name is bond. james bond. delicious sugar-free vitafusion fiber well gummies have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. >>> he has kept gas prices low and hopes it will help in his re-election bid. in an effort to woo young voters, h
Oct 6, 2012 2:00pm PDT
information on this head to >>> in new york this morning, the navy commissioned the uss michael murphy, the u.s. guided missile destroyer, the ship was named for lieutenant murphy, who was shot when he ran out into enemy fire. he was trying to get a clear signal so he could call for backup for his four-man team. >>> and the state of delaware overwhelmingly passing a tough child-abuse prevention law. why some say it crosses the line, coming up. >>> and the nation's unemployment rate fell in september. the numbers are in. and they're good. unexpectedly good. more people are returning to work, and hiring was steady. let's meet one guy who took a huge risk to make a career change in a brightening job market. here is christine romans with more. >> reporter: he wanted to switch careers from operations in i.t. to marketing and big data. in a slow jobs market, that takes training and risks. >> i decided to go back to business school. and i went part-time. and realized that i needed even more training. so i left my full-time position, and gained internship at cbs, and that was a great ga
Oct 8, 2012 2:00pm EDT
leaders and politicians. after serving in the navy during world war ii, cesar returned to the fields. it was a time of great change in america, but too often that change was only framed in terms of war and peace, black and white, young and old. no one seemed to care about the invisible farm workers who picked the nation's food. bent down in the beating sun, living in poverty, cheated by growers, abandoned in old age. unable to demand even the most basic rights. caesseize cesar cared. in his own peaceful eloquent way, he made other people care too. a march that started in delano with a handful of activists -- [ applause ] that march ended 300 miles away in sacramento with a crowd of 10,000 strong. a boycott of table grapes that began in california eventually drew 17 million supporters across the country, forcing growers to agree to some of the first farm worker contracts in history. >> president obama speaking there, using little spanish as he is helping dedicate the ces r chavez monument, the first in the country to hon they are contemporary mexican-american and chavez, the founder o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)